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  1. Unchained Souls CD 2013 by Mino Freda
  2. Silent Movie Ghost A horror multimedia opera Cinema Odeon Firenze 2011 by Mino Freda
  3. At wax museum Music 2013 by Mino Freda                                                 
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  1. Domus Aurea edizioni Rendi. numero 3-5-9


It' s available the new CD by Mino Freda, Unchained Souls



click on the picture to hear one of the song
click on the picture to hear one of the song

It's possible to require it directly from the association through a donation, starting from Euro 12 minimum. For info send an email to  unopuntocinque@gmail.com or compile the form below.

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Prodotto da Mino Freda e

Uno.cinque ass.cult


"When in the editing room the  music is inserted below the  images, the film takes the form of a balloon about to leave. It swells and then leaves the floor. "                                                                                                             

"The  Note label CNI - Companies New Indye offers a rich collection of film music by the roman composer  Mino Freda, titled "Unchained SOULS." A compilation that includes original music composed for the latest film by the important  director Mario Monicelli (The Rose of the Desert, Luna Rossa prod., 2006), and others more, composed for film works of young Italian directors such as Francesca Garcea (The Flight of God , Against Prod 2012), Maximum Fersini (Totem Blue, Leucasia Film, the award-winning 2010 film Indie Fest Film, California, USA), Raphael Sasson (The Devil, 39 Steps Prod 2011) and Marco Carlucci (The point Red, Primafilm 2006). The musical content is of undoubted value for its outstanding elegance and for the convincing melos Mediterranean in a style never boring and never granted. The musics by Freda are also appreciated for their varied character - necessary in film music - ranging from classical sound to more modern sounds. A work designed for a listening alone, free from the  images and well identified in the meaning of the title,  "unchained souls" (got free from the chains), which means, as well as in the orchestral suite contained in this collection and for the film  The Devil, the possibility to liberate the music from his native function and make it usable in a soul space, to let grow within feelings and emotions.  

info: unopuntocinque@gmail.com



Mino Freda (Rome, 1963). His major field of working is sound design, not only in the cinematographical field, but also in the publicity and contemporary visual art. He published  under  CNI label the cd  Mixtus (2005) and Totem Blue (2008). He is  teacher at IED in Rome of The History of the Music  in the Cinema and  Sound Design course. He is the holder of CM Studio (production and post-production, a section multimedia of Uno.Cinque cultural association).



Odeon, Florence  November 3th, 2011
Odeon, Florence November 3th, 2011
klick on the picture to see the trailer
klick on the picture to see the trailer

                                Movie - Music - Dance – Video
Silent (movie) Ghost”  A Horror multimedia opera in two acts

Live music and  choreography on a classic horror of the silent movie
The cat and Canary”(Paul Leni, director - Usa, 1927 - Universal)
Original Music and video interludes  Mino Freda

Choreography  Magda Saba
Director  Mino Freda


live set / music Mino Freda,  lap top set, keyboards / Federico Di Maio, percussion, flute / Dance Madga Saba /video maker and live director Filippo Corrieri / management Patrizia Mazzoni  / production by  CM Studio & Uno.cinque 

Silent (movie) Ghost, a multimedia  opera of horror, is a  show in two acts, lasting about 90 minutes, which synthetically unites movie, music, dance and video. Based on a classic  horror  of the silent film “The cat and the canary”, (USA, 1927), the work has sprung out  of an idea of the Italian composer Mino Freda who wrote the music of the whole film .Stylistically, it is a  border music - from electronics to classical, from the acoustic to the rhythmic power of drum and bass - the live setting is also supported by performance of a contemporary dance, that becomes a sort of tridimensional scenography, a humanized projection, giving life – together with the live video - to original choreographic interludes. A really unique opera, multi-medial, Silent (movie) Ghost can completely involve the public’s attention on different representative levels without altering the engaging plot of the silent-movie masterpiece. Shot in 1927 by German director Paul Leni (the first of his works to be produced in the USA) - considered as one of the masters of expressionist German cinema directors - the film shows a very innovative direction: frequent subjective, movie-camera movements, and other pecularities. A good chance to rediscover, in a different way, the fascinating silent-movie tradition. This  opera  has been presented, for the first time at cinema theatre ODEON, Florence, during the international Film Festival: “50 days of international cinema”


If you are interested to this show, please contact the association - mail unopuntocinque@gmail.com




At ...wax museum - music by Mino Freda