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  1. Unchained Souls CD 2013 by Mino Freda
  2. Silent Movie Ghost A horror multimedia opera Cinema Odeon Firenze 2011 by Mino Freda
  3. At wax museum Music 2013 by Mino Freda                                                 
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  1. Domus Aurea edizioni Rendi. numero 3-5-9


Sito under construction
Sito under construction

"The knowledge that you seek only to enrich your whole knowledge, accumulate treasure, makes you deviate from your path, every knowledge that you seek instead to mature yourself  to finish the evolution of man and the world, you takes a step forward. " Rudolf Steiner  


The 'Cultural Association Uno.cinque is an idea born from from a casual meeting of "creative minds", born in the same day and Month:


Their fields of interest, are towards to an anthropocentric view to achieve one unique goal: helping to improve the quality 'of life for individuals and their physical and psycho-perceptive well-being, 

For this reason the association, recently created , want to  promote activities in the field of green-Architecture, Music, Art, Poetry and Philosophy, through conferences, productions, training and research.



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