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  1. Unchained Souls CD 2013 by Mino Freda
  2. Silent Movie Ghost A horror multimedia opera Cinema Odeon Firenze 2011 by Mino Freda
  3. At wax museum Music 2013 by Mino Freda                                                 
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  1. Domus Aurea edizioni Rendi. numero 3-5-9


Rudolf Steiner Gotheanum Theatre, Dornach
Rudolf Steiner Gotheanum Theatre, Dornach

Uno.cinque cultural association  and for social development



 The Association is a no-profit organization with  the purpose of help the people to have a better life, through environment sustainability, eco-friendly buildings, psicological wellbeing  and social solidarity .

The spirit and actions are based on full respect for the human, cultural and spiritual development of the person. In particular, the purposes of association are:

a) enhance and promote cultural, artistic, architectural, environmental, local and national levels;

b) promote a culture of physical and mental wellbeing among its members through a process of improvement in the relationship between man and environment, respecting the natural cycles and in the consciousness of the limits of our planet's resources in order to foster a healthy relationship man-nature;

c) support the principle of the centrality of human, animal, vegetable, on the primacy of the economy and the indiscriminate exploitation of human resources;

d) good actions towards territories, economies and cultures that implement sustainable production and environmental processes 


To succeed in getting the above purposes, the association will be able 'to implement the following activities':

- Education and training in eco-frindly application

- University and post-graduate research and provision of cultural services

- Extra-school education and research for the prevention of school dropout  

- Production and post-production, multimedia, CD, videos

- All kind of creative art, music, paintings, poetry, texts

- Events